Open the book and make your wishes come true
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Who we are

The wishing book company believes every child deserves to have their wish come true. Our company collaborates with children to publish interesting children’s books that every child can relate to and realize their wishes within its pages. We value their ideas and creativity and transform them into the books they and their peers want to read. We want to cultivate children to be authors and inspire them to dream and create a legacy.

Our Mission

We believe respect, trust, and sincerity are three major factors that drive us successful
To create exciting and intriguing books that will be etched in a child’s memory. The pages of our books will build and flourish lasting connections between adults and children. They will remember who they read it with, and it will give memory to times past

Our Promise

We promise to create only engaging and imaginative books suitable for children, constructing a fantastic bonding experience for both children and caregivers while at it.

Our Vision

To enkindle the love of books in every child’s heart, including the child who dislikes reading. Our eyes are set on nurturing and raising lifelong readers by engendering the love of books.

Our Story

Founded to be a little bit different from other companies
Our history began when our founder, Apple Sophia Lim, a mother of two young girls, recognized the need for more hilarious children’s books while reading to her children. When her daughter and nieces showed an interest in having their names emblazoned on the front cover, they wished into existence of The Wishing Book Company as Apple immediately began working on a book for them. Based on their ideas, they developed the first hilarious and silly unicorn book. Discovering her flair in writing, Apple decided to continue creating children's books, with a pledge to produce only engaging stories that both adults and children would love.
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I love that I can write my wishes down on this book

- Jedda, 8 years old
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I love this unicorn book! It is very funny!

— ZQ, 4 years old
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This is a very interesting book and I love unicorns!

- Ariel, 8 years old